Arriving in Jordan, I had many uncertainties: how different would it be from the USA? How modernized was it? How big was it? Ect, ect. During the first week I was here-orientation week-some of them were answered, yet many are left to be discovered. For instance; the city is huge, very modern, and just in case you were wondering; the food is fabulous. As to how it differs from the USA, I learn more every day.

We tooled around the small bit of town we could easily walk to a few times during orientation. So, yes, we ate a little food. If you think you’ve had falafel that’s good in the states, think again. It is nothing compared to the falafel in Jordan, which is so unbelievably flavorful and scrumptious that I struggle to find the right words to describe it. Perhaps the next time I eat some I’ll make notes so I can attempt to express it to you. The last night of orientation we had a complete feast at a restaurant with our faculty and staff. There is never a shortage of food when you are eating out in Jordan (the attached picture was only the appetizer round).

Besides food, we experienced a few other things during orientation; a lovely bus/walking tour of the city in which we walked around at the Temple of Hercules and some other ruins from the Romans and other ancient civilizations; a mall with some intriguing stores including Haagen-Dazs ice cream, an ice rink, small amusement park, and go-carting.

Orientation was fun, but though it ended with full bellies and excitement for the future, it was not nearly enough time to give more than the superficial perceptions of a tourist exploring Jordan.



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