Eid Mubarak!

I just finished celebrating Eid with my host family. My room mate and I helped our host mother shape cookies that she made the day before in preparation for the festivities (we still have some sweets left over). After, it was just a matter of waiting anxiously for the holiday to begin-for me less so than for the rest of my host family, as they were fasting and I was not. On the first day of Eid family members swept through the house, first the men all went and visited everyone in the family and then the different households rotated from one house to the next to see everyone. All throughout the day there were plentiful amounts of food, especially sweets. These the small-& extremely adorable-children of the family ate with gusto. Everyone in the family dressed to impress, including the very littlest of the kiddos, and my older host brother even went out the night before with our host mom and bought a new suit.

The second day of Eid we went paintballing. When we arrived, we had to don our gear: long camo pants with a matching jacket, a neck guard, a protective vest (which looked like the bullet proof vests police wear in old TV shows), and a full face mask. Then, we took our weapons (each of us with 100 bullets to get us through the game) and entered the playing course. One of my host brothers was the target of the day, he was shot by his own team as well as by the opposing team. Though it was my first time playing, I was lucky enough to be on the winning team. I loved it. Not the winning necessarily (though that was nice) but the game itself.

The rest of the holiday has past in a blur. A blur of card games, soccer, good food, and better (if possible) conversation. I hope everyone else celebrating Eid was as full of good food and fun as I was during the holidays.


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