An Ocean of Words

Lately I have been contemplating the Arabic language more and more; which may or may not have to do with the fact that I am learning more and more of it every week (inshallah,  every day). At first, I experienced a little bit of discouragement regarding learning the language- a new alphabet and different specific pronunciations that change the meaning of words proved to be difficult to even begin to learn- but I persisted. I persisted simply because I love language, and more than anything, words. So when a professor told me that there was a vast difference in the sizes of the English and Arabic language; English being almost 100 times smaller (can you imagine?!) I was, of course, flabbergasted. However, after some skeptical researching on my part, I found that Arabic was indubitably larger than English, in fact, the language is so large that the very word for dictionary also means “ocean”. How cool is that? Now, I am sure that there are many different words for different types of oceans and seas in Arabic, and perhaps even many different words for dictionary. But with my limited knowledge of the language (as a beginner student) I thought it might be nice to share one of my little “WOW!” moments. Anyhow, my excitement about learning Arabic continues to build. I am even participating in an Arabic spelling bee next week (though I’ve never done one in English) with my room mate, so wish us luck!

P.S- The image featured is from above the Friday market, a very cool event where you can find almost anything- either new or second hand- and not too expensive. It is definitely a must see if you ever find yourself in Amman, Jordan. I’m sure it would be a good place to practice speaking Arabic as well.

!ما اسالامة



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